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  Gear cutting tools branch :
  Tel:+86 514 84495666  
  Fax:+86 514 84499668  

Add:Outer ring road, Gaoyou, Jiangsu, China

  Power tools branch
  Tel:+86 514 84548551  
  Fax:+86 514 84542668  
  Add:Tongxin Road, Gaoyou Town, Gaoyou, Jiangsu, China  

Youyi Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Yangzhou City is a company which integrates the research, design, development, manufacture and marketing of power tools such as drill presses, log splitters, rebar cutters and cutting tools like broaches, hobs.

With 50,000 m2 in floor area, Youyi Tools has two factories, one located in the Eastern outer ring road of the historical and cultural city, Gaoyou. The other is located in Tongxin road in Gaoyou industrial development region. The Company possesses more than 230 staff at present. Among them, there are over 25 engineering and technical personnel with senior technical qualifications. With strong technical know-how, the company staff are experienced in the production of power tools and cutting tools. The modern enterprise resource management is equipped with SolidWorks and ANSYS to further improve the efficiency and ensure the quality.

The company has passed the ISO9001 Certification Quality Management System. Concerning the management, the company has also introduced relevant software to the standardize management. The product testing center is equipped with a wide range of testing instruments and the quality control is being perfected day by day. This series of effective management systems can guarantee the productivity of over 100,000 machines each year. At present, the 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm series of drill press are sold to over 20 countries and regions and are highly praised by the customers.

The motto of the company is ‘honesty and quality’. Director of the Board, Mr. Zhou Qifu warmly welcome domestic and international businessmen to visit the company and talk about business, develop extensive cooperation, and create a wonderful future together.

 Gear cutting tools branch

 Power tools branch


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